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Agenda Overview

Registration & Welcome Drinks Reception: Tuesday, February 26, 2019

5:00PM Registration & Networking Drinks Reception

Day 1: Wednesday, February 27, 2019

8:00AM Registration & Networking Breakfast
9:00AM Welcome Remarks
9:15AM Opening Keynote: Key Fundamentals from the last Year and for the year to come

“Given the current state of ‘Land of Trump’, there is something to talk about on a daily basis”

-Emily French, President, Consiliagra 

Listen to Emily give her latest analysis and what impacts these developments will have on the Asian and international markets.

Emily French, Managing Director, ConsiliAgra
10:00AM A View from the Top International Outlooks and Updates
  • Trade war and Geopolitics: How can you trade politics?
  • How will the M&A market play out? Not only in the traders world, but in the millers world?
  • Is India going to play a stronger role in the world Grain market?
  • Is the current situation in wheat the beginning of the next Arab Spring?
  • Is Argentinian wheat a realistic or sustainable alternative for Black Sea Wheat in Asia?
  • Is Vietnam the Wild West or a realistic growth region?
  • Crossroads of the trade routes: How are the origins competing in Asia? Where are they losing value?
  • Transformation: is this the inflection point of the market? The grain and oilseeds markets are maturing and the industry is evolving in order to respond to the tough years. Is there a need to adapt in order to survive?
11:00AM Networking Coffee Break
11:45AM Presentation: Finance and FX: Are we looking at another economic crisis on the horizon?

As 2019 approaches, the Fed policy outlook is starting to shift, and the year ahead may above all be transformational. What is the outlook for the next 6-12 months?

Michael Every, Head of Financial Markets Research, Asia Pacific, Rabobank
12:15PM 12:15pm – 1:15pm: Panel Discussion: Investments in Asia: Infrastructure & Milling Capacity
  • What are the end users doing? Continued investment in building and improving new mills, but there are currently negative margins, how long can this continue?
  • What are the long term plans of the South East Asian milling community?
1:15PM Networking Lunch Break
2:30PM Presentation: Weather Outlook: Is there an El Nino on the horizon?
  • Understanding the potential and scale of an El Nino weather event in 2019
  • Production conditions in South America for 2019
  • Will there be enough rain to recover from the damage of the summer in Australia?
  • Updates on the forthcoming growing season in North America, Europe and Black Sea
3:00PM Australia and the Black Sea: Who will win out in the 2019/2020 production year?
  • What is going to slow Russian exports - price or government? If price what level considering prices are already near record in ruble terms?
  • Will business shift back Australia after the new crop?
  • Relationship between Asian buyers and Black Sea Region: Can Australia compete?
  • Australia – can it compete with the black sea? Will a falling harvest and the need to continue to export, how can it match those figures?
  • Understanding the infrastructure and long-term outlook for the black sea region
  • Will Russia gain wheat access into Saudi and Algeria this year? Don’t they have enough demand already? What impact will this have on the Asian market?
Ivan Vikulov, Quorum Capital
Oleg Kryukovskiy, Head of Trading, GTCS Trading DMCC
4:00PM Networking Coffee Break
4:30PM Panel Discussion: Supply & Demand by the Supply Chain: Looking at the perspectives influencing the data
  • Increased M&A in the miller industry: how is that going to impact overall demand?
  • Government intervention in origin country’s: how can you mitigate it and trade against it?
  • How much supply can come from South America? Considering not only Brazil, but also Argentina?
  • The view from Canadian producers: how the crop is looking from their side of the world
6:15PM Networking Drinks Reception at the Singapore Cricket Club

Day 2: Thursday, February 28, 2019

8:30AM Networking Breakfast
9:30AM Keynote Address: The Outlook for China
  • How is the current trade war with the US is leading to China diversifying its supply?
  • Forecasting future supply and demand from South America and from the US
  • How are changing tastes in China will impacting the long term demand trends?
  • Understanding the impact of increasing environmental scrutiny
11:15AM Networking Coffee Break
11:45AM Technology Spotlights

These will be short insights presentations on the latest platforms, farming technology and weather technology available.

12:30PM Technology and Innovation Panel Discussion: Digitalisation of the Supply Chain and Blockchain
  • The precision farming application is increasing dramatically yields in the advanced economies. What other impacts is innovation having in agriculture?
  • What does Blockchain offer above a centralised database, other than a buzzword?
  • An update from the ABCDs on the development of their trading platform and the timeline for implementation
1:15PM Networking Lunch Break
2:15PM Transport, Logistics and Freight Costs: How are terminals going to cope with the change in trade flows? Can they cope?
  • Outlook for the next 6-12 months for the freight market
  • How do you see Shipbroking evolving? Will niche brokers highly specialized be the only ones surviving? Is the way forward to reassess the shipbrokers role?
  • 20/20 Sulphur regulations
  • Freight rates/fuel regulations impact on freight rates: How will the new emission regulations in shipping (Jan 2020) affect the grain trade flow?
3:00PM Presentation: Quality, Defaults, Trade Finance & Disputes

Looking at case study examples asking: What can I get for the production? What is the quality of the production? What am I willing to pay for it?

3:30PM Panel Discussion: Panel Discussion: Risk Management: Has it just become managing the bottom line?
  • Addressing the various ways to manage the risk of climate change and major weather events
  • Customisation of products – OTC, futures, options
  • How is politics impacting risk? A look at the growing impact of the geopolitics of twitter
4:15PM Close of Conference