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Agenda Overview

Briefing Day: Black Sea Forum: Tuesday, November 13, 2018

9:00AM Black Sea Forum

This year's Black Sea Forum will provide a deeper dive look at the region, a look back at the year's crop and key challenenges producers and traders are facing over the next 12-18 months.

For the full agenda please click here 

To register for the Black Sea Forum please click here

9:30AM Advanced Trading Workshop

An interactive session with all participants offering a unique opportunity to discuss the morning session's fundamentals.  This will key in on supply chain issues, starting with producer/farmer marketing and logistics, leading into a discussion of procurement challenges and strategies specific to the individual end user or merchandising/trading operations.   For more information for the full program click here

The Advance Trading Programme is free of charge and is available only to delegates registered for the conference. You still need to let us know if you would like to attend. Email to confirm your place.

5:00PM Networking Drinks Reception & Global Grain Awards Gala Dinner

This networking drinks reception is open to all attendees of the Black Sea Forum, Global Grain Geneva Conference and the Global Grain Geneva Awards Gala Dinner

Main Conference: Day 1: Wednesday, November 14, 2018

9:00AM Welcome Remarks
9:15AM Keynote Address: An Outlook and the Fundamentals from Dan Basse

"Trading politics is impossible but we still must endure." - Dan Basse

Listen to Dan Basse's outlook on how to trade in an era of volatility, trade wars and the geopolitics of twitter. 

Dan Basse, President, AgResource Chicago
10:00AM Networking Coffee Break

10:30AM What does the next 12 months hold for the grain trading market?
  • Where is future demand going to come from? Future geographic hotspots and market risers
  • US-China Trade War: A Temporary Irritant or a long term trend?
  • By reclaiming the margin and diversifying in to the downstream, has the role of the trader changed to a supply chain manager? If so what is the implication?
  • Is algorithium trading a real threat to the traditional role of a trader?
  • What impact is the processors and supermarkets focus on servicing consumer trends having on the role of the supplier?
  • How do you effectively map and demonstrate origination, sustainability and traceability?
Moderator: Stefan Vogel, Head of the Agri Commodities Markets Research Team and Global Sector Strategist for Grains & Oilseed, Rabobank
Gary McGuigan, President Global Trade, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)
Alex Sanfeliu, World Trading Group Leader, Cargill International SA
Adrian Isman, Senior Head, Grains and Value Chain Platforms, Head, North America Region,, Louis Dreyfus Company
Robert Van der Zee, Chief Operating Officer, Cefetra B.V
11:30AM The Market Outlook: Bulls vs. Bears
A look at corn, wheat and soybeans. The short term fundamentals and the long term potentials – Are they bearish or bullish? Interactive polling will be conducted throughout this debate giving the audience the opportunity to anonymously vote whether they agree with the bulls or the bears and decide the winner as they debate.
Swithun Still, Director, Solaris Commodities SA
Seth Meyer, Chairman, World Agricultural Outlook Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and US Representative for AMIS
Dan Basse, President, AgResource Chicago
12:15PM Annual Executive Fireside Chat Followed By a Question and Answer Session

Get the view from the top with our annual executive fireside chat

Moderator: Stefan Vogel, Head of the Agri Commodities Markets Research Team and Global Sector Strategist for Grains & Oilseed, Rabobank
Matthew Jansen, Chief Executive Officer, Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co (SALIC)
1:00PM Networking Lunch Break
2:00PM The Weather Outlook
  • A look at the impact of a surprisingly warm summer on this year’s production
  • El Nino & La Nina
  • An early look at next year’s Northern Hemisphere growing season
Kyle Tapley, Senior Agricultural Meteorologist, Radiant Solutions

Stream A: Finance, Funds, Futures and FX

2:30PM Macroeconomic Presentation: The Impact of Currency Fluctuations

An economic outlook, looking at key disruptors and predictions for the global economy, a deeper dive look on regional economies and business during the next 12-18 months.

Marc Ostwald, Global; Strategist & Chief Economist, ADM Investor Services
3:00PM Cost Margins and Agri-Benchmarking
  • How can traders restructure to maintain cost margins, match agri-benchmarks and the map economics of scale for crushing margins?
  • Will big data improve market analysis (monthly balance sheets against shipped tonnages?)
  • A look at the variable costs of processing including energy and derivatives
Ahmad Hijazi, General Manager -Animal Feed & Oats Cereals, Al Ghurair Foods
Erol Yahya, Executive Director, Intermil-Un San. Ve Tic. A.S
Alain Butler, Senior Advisor Soft Commodities, BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA

Stream B: Regional Opportunities & Challenges

2:30PM Black Sea and Asian futures. Reshaping the pricing landscape of the global grains market
  • Black Sea and Australian grains futures impact on physical market
  • Origin competitiveness tracking into Asian markets.
  • Benefits of futures trading for physical trading community
  • The next indexing opportunities in the global trade
Andrei Agapi, Asia-pacific Agriculture Manager, S&P Global Platts
3:00PM The Season of Surprise for the Black Sea
  • Futures are starting to be cleared by Chicago, what does this mean for the future of the black sea region wheat?
  • A look at the margin financing issues in the region
  • What port internal logistics investment is coming? 
Swithun Still, Director, Solaris Commodities SA
Andrey Sizov Jr, Managing Director, SovEcon
Olena Kovalova, Deputy Minister, Ukraine Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, Ukrainian Representative for AMIS
Thomas Deevy, Commodity Risk Manager, Cerealcom Dolj

Stream C: Technology & Innovation Spotlights

2:30PM Digitalization in the Agri-Commodity Supply Chain
  • Digital platforms and block chain solutions can change the way parties interact – how and what will 2019 bring?
  • Quality, sustainability & Safety are some of the essentials in our supply chains – find out how digital technologies are impacting on these essentials. 
  • Data transparency, integrity and speed gains importance in a more digital world – how will all this be secured in the future?
Martijn Sinke, General Manager Northern Europe, Agri-Commodities, Bureau Veritas
3:00PM Panel Discussion: Blockchain: What actually is it and how does it work?
  • A case study look at the practicalities of a trade using blockchain
  • Will the industry actually take to blockchain?
  • Does the increase use of blockchain mark the use of cryptocurrency
Voytek Chelkowski, Managing Director, Seamind Pte Ltd
Serge Billieux, Ceo, Soft-Finance SA
Alex Vandenberg, Trading Portfolio Lead, Cargill International SA
3:45PM Networking Coffee Break

Networking cofffee break, followed by a continuation of streams A, B and C


4:15PM Algorithm Trading’s New Dominance: Will it continue?
  • Are algorithm traders here to stay?
  • What impact has the USDA shutting the press room had on algorithm traders?
  • How can institutions continue to keep the playing field level for algorithm traders and traditional traders?
Seth Meyer, Chairman, World Agricultural Outlook Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and US Representative for AMIS
4:45PM Risk Management Panel Discussion
  • What strategies can be adopted by producers, merchandisers and end users?
  • Addressing the various ways to manage the risk of climate change and major weather events
  • Customisation of products – OTC, futures, options
  • How is legislation affecting public and private companies?
  • How is politics impacting risk? A look at the growing impact of the geopolitics of twitter
Moderator: Paul Dubravec, Vice President, Advance Trading Inc
William Nash, Associate Director of Risk Management for Grains & Oilseeds, Mondelez International
Nilesh Jethwa, Ceo, Marex Solutions
Oleksandr Artiushyn, Head Of Food And Agriculture Business Origination EMEA, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions Ltd


4:15PM How is the US-China trade war impacting the broader global market?
  • How can you manage and plan risk when the market is changed in the space of 150 characters?
  • Will trade flows be permanently changed by the current trade war?
  • How can a smaller trading houses take advantage of the volatility of a trade war?
Thomas Scott, Global Director, Inform Agribusiness Consulting Group
Frederico Humberg, Ceo, Agribrasil
5:00PM Panel Discussion: A Deeper Look at Pakistan, Bangladesh & South East Asia
  • Analysis of Indian grains production in 2018 and forecast for 2019
  • How is domestic grains and oilseeds demand shifting?
  • What strategy will the government adopt with regards to imports and tariffs?
  • A look at changing patterns in meat consumption
Sumit Gupta, Business Manager, Gargaon, India, McDonald Pelz
Bk Anand, Chief Operating Officer, Vink Corporation DMCC TGI Group


4:15PM The Evolution of Farming: New Technologies and New Possibilities in Order to Achieve Operational Profitability
  • A look at the evolution of the new technologies available
  • Is technology pushing the supply chain to be more integrated?
  • In a year with extreme weather, would there have been less impact on this year’s crop had there been wider use of technology?
Inbal Becker-Reshef, Geoglam Secretariat, GEOGLAM
4:45PM Innovate Digitally to make most of disruption in Agriculture value chain

The Agri Industry is being disrupted by Ag Tech Providers leveraging technology to win farmer loyalty (Eg FBN, Indigo).  Traditional providers are fighting back through adopting digital technologies to become more agile

Winning against this backdrop means thinking out of the box to:

-Extend beyond the Trading/Risk to connect with Sourcing & Customers to work as one

-Flexing with market changes quickly to leverage opportunities

-Connecting any data anywhere to manage the business risk and opportunity

Manav Garg, CEO, EKA Software
5:30PM Networking Drinks Reception

We welcome the global grain community to network with drinks, canapes and entertainment. 

Main Conference: Day 2: Thursday, November 15, 2018

Stream A: Mapping Future Supply and Demand Trends

9:30AM Fireside Chat: Market Outlook on the South American Soy Market
  • A look at the impact of the trade war on the soy bean trade flow out of South America
  • What us the current soy crushing capacity in South America? Is there room for an increase?
  • How can Brazil and Argentina capitalise on this opportunity?
Jesus Silveyra, Under-Secretary Of Agricultural Markets, Ministry of Agroindustry, Argentina
Marcelo Fernandes Guimarães, Brazil Representative, Department of Credit and Economic Studies Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply of Brazil, Brazilian Representative to AMIS
10:00AM Panel Discussion: Ocean Freights- Routes, Rates and Sizes
  • A look at the last years price ocean freight price volatility
  • Managing the risks in the current market conditions
  • A look at freight rates in the Black Sea, Baltic and Mediterranean
  • A look at the dependence on coasters in Russia and Kazakhstan
Moderator: Voytek Chelkowski, Managing Director, Seamind Pte Ltd
Fergus Garvin, Head Of Freight, Engelhart Commodities Trading Partners
Alex Haubert, Manager, Ocean Freight, Amaggi SA
Jason Martinet, Head of South Atlantic, Scorpio Group
Timothy Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Barry Rogliano Salles
Alessio La Rosa, Global Head Of Freight, COFCO Agri

Stream B: End Users Needs and Assurances

9:30AM Presentation: A View from the Millers
  • A look at the impact of the increased volatility of wheat prices on flour millers
  • How has vertical integration been used to secure value? Has it worked?
  • What impact will the growing middle class have on feed production in the region or will it mostly be reliant on imports?
  • Will veganism and vegetarianism have the same growth in Africa and Asia? Will this counteract the growth in meat consumption?
Eren Gunhan Ulusoy, Chairman of the Board, Ulusoy Un Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.
10:00AM Panel Discussion: The Global Food Supply Chain: What at the Key Challenges for the next 12 – 18 months?
  • A look at the changing consumption patterns, what will be the impact of the growth of vegetarianism and veganism?
  • Where are the chokepoints in the global food supply chain?
  • OECD projections for meat consumption are down. How is the feed miller sector preparing for the macro consumer trends that are going to change consumption over the next 5 – 10 years?
Moderator: Arnaud Petit, Executive Director, International Grains Council
11:00AM Networking Coffee Break

Networking cofffee break, followed by a continuation of streams A and B


11:45AM Panel Discussion: Sub-Saharan Africa Spotlight: Production Decline with Rising Demand: Who is going to fill it?
  • Accelerating Development in Africa’s Grain sector
  • Infrastructure Development in Africa’s Agriculture Space:
  • Grain Processing and Supply chain in Africa
  • Increasing Funding for Agric Value Chains
Stephen Yeboah, Co-Founder, Commodity Monitor


11:45AM Panel Discussion: Traceability and Sustainability Across the Supply Chain
  • To what extent can blockchain help improve the traceability of grain back through the supply chain? What other methods are there?
  • Consumer shifts have put pressure on the need to demonstrate traceability. How can companies measure micro consumer shifts to attempt to position themselves for the next one?
Marco Valicenti, Director General, Sector Development And Analysis Directorate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada & Chair of AMIS
12:45PM Closing Remarks
Alan Wolff, Deputy Director General, World Trade Organisation
1:15PM Close of Conference and Bellini Brunch Hosted by the Swiss Grain Traders Club and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

Join us for a Bellini brunch hosted by the Swiss Grain Traders Club and Swiss Re Corporate Solutions

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